I wonder if you might be able to help me please? Tonight I got stuck in the snow on my way home on the hill of the main road in Stenalees and the community was amazing.

My car is rear wheel drive and I was getting really concerned as the road was icing up and I couldn't grip the road so was stuck.

There was a group of people who came and spoke to me, helped to push my car and stayed with me whilst waiting for a clear run so I could get going again. The group were gritting the road and directing traffic and kept everything moving. There were so many people from the community who came out to help ease the traffic situation. They were out for a really long time and helped so many people.

I was so grateful but also very touched by what a strong, kind community there is in Stenalees/Treverbyn.

I didn’t get the names of the people (I know one chap had horses near the public footpath at Stenalees) but I just wanted to say a big thank you to them. If you are able to get a message to them in anyway, I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks