Parish Footpaths

35/1 Treverbyn Road, St Austell via Mount Stamper *Gold

1/1 Mount Stamper to Bodmin Road, St Austell

3/1 Carthew Mill to Scredda (Drummers Hill)

4/1 South Greensplat via Boskell Farm to railway line

5/1 South Greensplat via Higher Boscovellet to Parish boundary ( f/p 29 St Mewan).

6/1 Partly Closed S/p still there Wheal Martyn Lodge in SW direction (now part of the China Clay museum area) not to be cut

7/1 Greensplat Chapel via Carrancarrow to Old Quarry North of Greensplat

8/1 Partly Closed not cut Yondertown (Carthew) via Gunheath clay works to Roche Road, Stenalees

9/1 Roche Road, Stenalees via fields to Caudledown with paths running East towards Bugle joins on to Stannary Road, Stenalees (42/1) via Caudledown Lane (42/3) and Telephone Lane. (42/1)

10/1 Stannary Road, Stenalees to Roche Road, Stenalees.

13 /11/3 Bridlepath from Treverbyn Road via Treverbyn Farm to Carloggas Downs *Gold

45/2 Carloggas Downs to Tregarth Penwithick 11/2 Bandhouse Lane to Stannary Road, Stenalees. 25/1 Carloggas downs to Bray’s Coalyard Carloggas. *Gold

12/2 Stannary Road, Stenalees via steps to Treverbyn Road . *Gold

46/1 Singlerose Road to Viridor entrance to Carloggas Downs.

22/1 Not for cutting Penhale Road

31/1 Singlerose Road roundabout to new Penwithick Road roundabout – Main highway not our responsibility.

13/1 Old Vicarage, Treverbyn Church to Kerrow (B3374) also branches from the Vicarage around old clay pits to Stannary road *Gold

40/2 Ashes Park to Stannary Road Closed not to be cut.

14/1 Kerrow via fields to the top of Rescorla.

15/1 Bowling Green to Parish Boundary at Lavrean

16/1 Start of Kerrow Moor (B3374) by Kerrow Memorials to Rosevean Road.

44/1 Rocks entrance via cycle/clay trail to Rosevear and Bowling Green to Lavrean

Including spurs 44/2 and 44/3 and 44/4 small paths off the Clay trail

17/1 Lavrean bridge following by railway line towards Rocks and Lower Molinnis Moor

18/1 Bugle Methodist Church via Molinnis, Lower Molinnis, Molinnis Moors 18/5 to the Parish boundary to join Luxulyan footpath (408/8/1)

37/2 Lavrean Bridge to Luxulyan road

19/1 Bugle Square via Park Lane to Gracca (Parish boundary with Roche).

20/1 Roche Road, Bugle via Sandy Lane past cricket field to Hallew Lane. *Gold

21/1 Rescorla via Little Resugga to Innis Trout farm.

29/2 Treverbyn Road, Penwithick via Resugga Green to Innis Trout farm with spur in

SE direction of Resugga Farm (39/1)

26/1 Cannamanning via sand road to Butts Lane, Trethurgy. *Gold

27/1 Closed (chapel)

28/2 Bridleway Trethurgy to west of Pentruff China Clay Works. *Gold

33/1 Road spur off 28 to parish boundary at Garka. Not to be cut taken over by Eden

30/1 Bridleway via clay trail from Clay museum to the bridge at top of Ruddlemoor not Council’s responsibility.

32/2 Below Carclaze Inn roundabout to Trethurgy. *Gold

36/2 Area around Lantern Pit entrance along from Rescorla junction to Rescorla Road *Gold

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Treverbyn Parish Office, Rock Hill Business Park, Bugle, St. Austell, Cornwall PL26 8RA


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