We are officially launching the public consultation for Treverbyn Neighbourhood Plan. This consultation will last for 6 weeks and will end on 17th June 2021. By filling out this questionnaire you are giving your views on the future of Treverbyn Parish. Neighbourhood plans gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area. There will also be paper copies of this questionnaire available in different places throughout the parish in the next few days. These will need to be returned to the parish Council office at Rockhill Business Park.

Here you will find PDF links to documents relevant to the Neighbourhood Plan



Love the Place you live?


Our Aim - “We want to enjoy, protect and maximize our assets and ensure that we have the businesses, homes and facilities that make for a thriving, vibrant community. But we also want to ensure the preservation of our china clay heritage, open spaces and village life”


What is a Neighbourhood Plan?


Central Government sets out the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) – basically the technical rules by which all development has to abide across the UK.


Adhering to the principles laid out within the NPPF, Cornwall Council has set out the CORNWALL LOCAL PLAN.  This determines a County wide approach to planning and development over the coming years to 2030, determining what kind of development is required within Cornwall and where it is most needed. Even laying out the general principles that the County Planners will adhere to when determining planning applications in order to ensure that the identified needs of the County are met in a strategic way.

** Link to PDF of Cornwall Local Plan


The TREVERBYN NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN will help to fill in the LOCAL DETAIL!  It is our opportunity to set out our own vision for how we as a community would like Treverbyn Parish to look by 2030.  We still have to take account of what the LOCAL PLAN says, but we can decide where we want to see development happen and even what it should look like.  We can also through the NP process identify the things we value most about Treverbyn Parish and help to ensure that those things are protected for future enjoyment.


The process will involve a great deal of public consultation. Your views will determine how the Neighbourhood Plan shapes up, so it is vital that residents share their ideas, thoughts and feelings with the NP team, at every step of the way.  Prior to becoming a legal document in its own right, our Neighbourhood Plan will have to win a local referendum.  This is the final test to ensure that it does truly reflect the views of the majority of local residents. So the truth is, we simply can’t do it without you!


To assist us in the process we have secured the services on a consultancy basis of Cornwall Rural Communities Charity (CCRC). Insert Logo? In order to meet those and other costs along the way we have to date secured funding from Locality (a Central Government Grant) and from the National Lottery, Big Lottery Fund. Insert Logo?



GETTING INVOLVED:  If the subject of Neighbourhood Planning excites you, there are a number of ways to get more actively involved in the process. You could become a member of the Steering Group and help the team steer our NP forward, or simply volunteer to help out at one of our events or by delivering leaflets from time to time. To find out more or offer your services, please contact Cllr’s Sally-Anne Saunders or Sonya Potter, as per the contact details on our Councillor page.



 STAY IN TOUCH: To ensure that you stay up to date on all our latest activities and never miss the opportunity to have your say, please keep an eye on this website or follow us on our facebook page.




Oct 2015 – Secured the consultancy services of CCRC

Oct 2015 – Established Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Nov 2015 - Established the Treverbyn Neighbourhood Plan Area.

MAR – APRIL 2016 – Treverbyn Neighbourhood Plan Brochure delivered throughout the Parish.

May 2016 – Public Consultation at Treverbyn Summer Fete ** Photos

June 2016 – Public Consultation at Penwithick Social Club

July 2016 – Public Consultation Event at Carclaze Chapel

July 2016 – Public Consultation Event at Rescorla Festival.

Oct 2016 – Launched Survey Monkey questionnaire.

Oct2016 - Public Consultation Event at Trethurgy Village Hall

Jan 2017 – Secured National Lottery Grant

Jan 2017 - Public Consultation Event at Wheal Martyn ** Photos

Feb 2017 - Public Consultation Event at Bugle Sunday School Chapel

May 2017 – Public Event - Introduction to Local Landscape Character Assessments (LLCA)

May 2017 – Public Consultation Event - Treverbyn Summer Fete ** Photos

Find out details of Neighbourhood Plan events and consultations


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